How to find the packaging design for dress

The dress is a skirt in a class. Is the general term for a variety of dress, is that people, especially young girls like one summer. It refers camisole and skirt together clothing. Dress in a variety of styles known modeling “fashion queen”, it is unpredictable, most species, the most popular style. Depending wearing objects can have child-piece pants and adults. There are a variety of dress styles. Dresses also be required shape to form a variety of different contours and lumbar section location.


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Fitting dress can bring the girls, female body, especially for relatively tall girls kind of mini-stretching effect becomes high. Clothing name, also known as “dresses”, “Blazy” (Blazy is Russian Chinese transliteration). This is a shirt-style jacket and skirt are connected to various types of conjoined clothing styles. Wide range of styles, there are long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, collared and collarless style type variety of styles change.

When we in the purchase of goods, was first exposed to the product packaging. Packaging design for a clothing brand is very important, it is not just a coat of apparel products, but also reflects a cultural manifestation of the brand and brand of soul. A clothing designer goods carefully designed lower will increase the added value of clothing, but also the value of culture. Clothing business operators to be able to clearly recognize, clothing product packaging to brand image and publicity of a garment enterprises play an important role, so as to further enhance the clothing brand value.

types of packaging design

As one of the most women dress apparel beloved. Its packaging and the same way as all the clothing packaging, should be based on the characteristics of the clothing itself is positioned, followed dress according to consumer groups to position itself against the preferences of consumers of different ages have different consumer preferences, how to Dress the general direction of locating good packaging design, packaging is also an important concern dress.

packaging design

Packaging design is the transport of goods, protection, integrated marketing and other functional requirements, while adapting to the market and guide the consumer, to meet the people’s demand for material goods function and aesthetic function as an activity center. Each package is a product of the billboard, good packaging can increase the attractiveness of new products, the packaging itself is also an important means of increasing the value-added products, innovative and unique and exquisite packaging and reasonable value of goods can be ensured added value .

With the increasingly fierce competition between enterprises in the market and the tug of war, the same phenomenon is the product of more serious, how to adapt to the requirements of the product packaging development of the market in a fair and impartial, to the road of sustainable development is garment enterprises urgently need to address the issue.

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Therefore, how to locate the package design dress is very important. We can find packaging supplies ltd for the products easily.There are many packaging supplies in China, and we even just need to pay a low price for the packaging.But as the preceding part of the text, we must decide the types of packaging design and the types of cardboard packaging and so on.And we should know that regardless of the products how to change, we never can follow up the same packaging way, and we need to have something difference, and these differences will help us to set up our unique and special packaging way.

Yes.In fact, we there are many packaging way for the dress.But most of the dress packaging box are almost the same.So if you want improve the competitive and attractive of your dress, you need to have a packaging design different with the other dress supplier.That will help you open a distinctive road and make your products become more stronger.

Purse and the plain purse packaging

Purse (qiánbāo) suggests that it is the money in the bag, but also the most important in our daily life and small, both for their own identity, but also reflect their own personality. Suitable wallet style to better reflect your fashion index. Wallet that people carry money or other small items, since ancient times is the symbol of the people’s taste and status.

Not only can the money wallet and bank cards, credit cards and other monetary tools to gather together packed in a small, easy to carry and use, usually with palm. Today, in addition to the above effect wallet can also be portable when family photo ornament or clip to use. Wallet can basically be divided in accordance with its style long wallet, short wallet; wallet in the long section with a rectangular shape known, longer length. If something more and put the purse, then put the bag in order to select the long section package is appropriate. Relatively short paragraph wallet package is concerned, in the long wallet also more atmosphere. Short wallet length and width are shorter, generally close to the square, pocket money if the package is often – then the short wallet appropriate.

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Purse, is a necessary belongings, not only with the money needed, and often there are important documents, including carrying and took out his wallet at the moment, also shows the taste and temperament, then on to buy the wallet, what to do to choose the right purse it? Choose wallet, the most important thing is to choose their own identity, but also to reflect their own personality best wallet

purse box

In our daily lives, purses are very common for collocation, carrying money or other small items. No matter what your gender is, age is a number, it is suitable for your age and personal charm purse. Purse of choice is a reflection of personal sensitivity of fashion, how to choose a suitable purse has become some of the fashion people in a question to the party, we need to seriously think about when parties and other activities. As mentioned above, a variety of types of purse, it is precisely because of this, purse package also will have a variety of choices. Now, will wallet carton packaging simple to understand and analyze.

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Do you know the cardboard boxes where to buy for purse? Sometimes, you maybe think that where is the cheap place to buy boxes? And how about the cost of boxes?To be honest, you can find a plenty of paper packaging manufacturers in China.And most of them have their own designers.We all know that In China, there are lots of festivals we need to celebrate evert year.And sometimes, we do not know what gift we can send to our friends or family.In this time, we can choose a boutique and special purse for our friends or family.This is a good choice when you do not know what things are they love.

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The purse box with a various of types, rectangle, square, circular and so on.You can choose one you like best.Or you can have your own packaging design and then let the paper packaging manufacturer make the box meet your need.Of course , You can also tell them what you need, and inform them all of your requirements, you can also to custom the purse box.If you want to choose a purse as a gift, it is also very important that the packaging box you choose. First, you need to choose the purse box according to the shape of your purse.Second, you can choose a packaging box looks suitable your purse design and surface.Don’t forget that every packaging design can not out of the product.

Luxury wedding invitation card packaging

Wedding is a religious or legal notarization ceremony, in the sense that access to social recognition and blessing, to prevent bigamy, help newlyweds adapt to new social roles and requirements, ready to take on social responsibility. All the peoples and countries have their traditional wedding ceremony, it is inherited way its folk culture, but also the national culture and education ceremony. Wedding is an important milestone in a person’s life, is a ritual of life. The world’s oldest, longest running and most influential wedding is the wedding Confucianism, Hinduism weddings, Christian weddings, the three great civilizations wedding ring. In most cultures, they usually develop some traditions and customs on the marriage, including many in modern society has lost its original meaning of the symbol, and gradually evolved into a secular wedding.


Invitations, also known as invitations, Jane posts. To invite guests to participate in an activity and send the ceremonial correspondence. Invitations are generally two styles: one is single-sided, direct from the title, title, text, honorifics, inscribed constitution. One is double-sided, that is folded; one for the cover, writing “invitations” word, one for letters, wrote the title, text, honorifics, inscribed like. Invitations limited space, the writing should be based on the specific situation, content, objects, carefully worded, the wording should be up to, ya both. Up, namely accurate; Accor is to stress the word beauty. In terms of words and sentences, and some use classical statement, it is simple and elegant; some using more plain popular statement, it appears that warm and friendly. Regardless of the style of the language, to be solemn, understand, people look to understand, avoid the tedious language and flashy.


wedding invitation card box

Wedding invitations, is about to be married couples the printed invitation. Called Wedding Invitation in English. Usually printed with the wedding date and the ceremony on this invitation, weddings hold time, usually printed on both men and women will be the names of the parents. Wedding invitations are usually sent out six weeks before the wedding. Wedding invitations in China for a long time, in the form of a straight with horizontal, color, mostly red. Article written way to the same to this day is still large, we have a common law ceremonial words. More special is the date usually printed on either of two, one is the lunar date, one is the Gregorian calendar. In addition, some families will be printed on the grandparents’ names in the Western wedding invitations, then mostly horizontal color with light white, pale pink is more, few large red invitations. On the invitation of words, mostly handwritten font. Many Western-style wedding invitations may use sophisticated fancy handwriting fonts in the printing methods are embossing, relief printing, heat embossed printing, engraving fonts empty.

unique card box ideas wedding

Wedding invitations in the past done much stationery line or store purchase, invitations style not only limited, and the design style, high repetition rate models. However, the couple announced wedding invitations is good news for the main channel, but also the entire marriage process only important part, not sloppy. Marriage is a lifetime is particularly important that people in life event, a combination of a new family is a great need for courage. Typically, beginning six weeks before the wedding, the couple should be to their friends and family to announce the good news of the wedding begun, and send invitations.


paper packaging box

Do you have any creative wedding card box ideas? If you will have your own wedding in the near future, how can you get the unique card box ideas wedding

? Maybe you will think that where can i buy cheap cardboard boxes for the wedding invitation cards? Here are some pictures of wedding invitation card box.You can find that they are all looks boutique and beautiful.You can use the box to pack your wedding invitation cards and then send them to your family or friends.

creative wedding card box ideas

The wedding invitation card will make your wedding more wonderful and special.In fact, people always can feel your happiness and the level of the wedding through the card.We can call the wedding invitation card as the face of the wedding.So before you send out the wedding invitation card, a boutique paper packaging box is a good chioce to protect the invitation card.

olive oil advantages for skin care


1) discharge makeup oil: when discharge makeup, add a few drops of olive oil on your fingers, massage gently with fingertips, and then apply to face with face steamer or towel, can eliminate the invisible to the naked eye of dirt in the pores, boost skin luster and elasticity, nourish the skin, remove fine wrinkles.


2) daily lip protection: when the weather suddenly turned cold, cold or intestines and stomach bad, some people often lip weather-shack, at this moment, in addition to pay attention to the water, as long as smear olive oil can solve the problem.Insist on two or three days, can make your lips reproduce lapis lazuli.Cotton swab dipped in a small amount of olive oil evenly coated on the lips, is beneficial to keep moisture, eliminate and delay the lip lines, prevent oral peeling cracked.The weather suddenly turned cold, cold or intestines and stomach is bad, often split for oral desquamate, smear a small amount of the goods, as long as two or three days later can make oral becomes smooth again.
3) daily skin care: wash in facial skin surface coated with olive oil, gently massage the face, let it absorb, so beneficial to keep moisture and nourish the skin, and then with a hot towel apply face, can remove the dirt in pores can make skin burnish is exquisite and rich flexibility, eliminate wrinkles and spots or make the spot light, slow down the aging of the skin.

olive oil with box

4) daily hair care: wash hair hind, inject a small amount of the goods number in the basin, once rinse, the oil will be evenly attached to the hair, or drops in the palms carefully wipe directly into the hair, can make the hair becomes common shine beautiful, prevent hair yellow fork.Olive oil contains vitamin B and E, with a moderate amount of olive oil daub on the hair, gently massage, make the hair to absorb nutrients, then use towel, after waiting for an hour with a neutral shampoo shampoo, you can have a bright beautiful, silky hair.At the same time also can prevent hair loss, oil, dandruff, and dry, and hair kaicha, if we can stick to once a week, the better.
5) provides the itching: in dry winter, can prevent cracked skin and sebum secretion itching caused by too little, also can care for the baby skin, in the place such as baby armpit buttocks coated with the goods, can prevent the baby’s skin is urine flooded or sweat flooded;Baby’s body parts pickled red (heat rash), in the place with olive oil can recover soon.

6) massage oil: hot summer, olive oil is the best sunscreen massage oil, before and after swimming, with olive oil daub body, can be extremely delicate skin effectively.
7) base oil: do home SPA and essential oil use, is the most economical base oil.
8) olive oil do foundation makeup, makeup available oil olive oil as a foundation, can nourish skin, and can prevent the makeup powder falls off and harmful material harm the skin in cosmetics.Uninstalling cleansing, wipe the face gently with olive oil, can effectively remove paint and chemicals, remove residues of harmful substances to make the face from the erosion.After the lipstick with a little olive oil, can make more luster bright lipstick.

9) olive oil in a hot summer, a lot of beautiful to love all kinds of beautiful girls like to wear sandals, but sometimes make feet peeling or grind out a few little cocoon, olive oil has the efficacy of moist skin, every night after coming home, wash your feet with olive oil wipe his feet, and will make feet skin more tender.And summer some MM like to show your nails, if use olive oil to painted nails, also can make the nails burnish is bright.


Olive oil is a good product for skin care , many girls like it very much . meanwhile a good packaging for store it is very important . normally , the olive oil bottle is easy to broken , so it request a rigid but durable packaging box to let them rest in .


Jade bracelet advantages

Jade bracelet is worn on the wrist of a ring shape decorations, show is the beauty of the wrist and arm.Jade jade, beautiful color, make every jade bracelet reveal elegant and beautiful emerald green breath.Jade bracelet, too beautiful, however, not only reflected in the outward appearance, the goodness of its internal moral but also embodies the profound cultural background.The moral of the jade bracelet mainly

A classical jade bracelet will match a classical packaging box , it Can improve the value of the bracelet

1, smooth and fruity jade bracelet ruyi is a symbol of life on the road is smooth, safety and happiness.
2, make a perfect circle jade bracelet like the pairs of lovers lived a full life, eternal happiness
3, the massive style and rich color jade bracelet all show nobility, wealth and good luck
4, jade bracelet at a crucial moment can always to “better to die” refuse to protect host, not jeopardized.
5, “the wind like jade, jade tiancheng,” jade bracelet is undoubtedly the best argument for the Chinese women’s traditional beauty, harmonious and elegant.

luxury bracelet box

Second, the young women wear what kind of jade bracelet, too?
How to choose and buy jade bracelet?It is a difficult problem for lack of experience of young women.Jade bracelet of choose and buy when the price is suitable not only, more important is suitable for wearing., eclectic, young women like to pursue something different, at the same time have their own unique opinion to the fashion and beauty, therefore, suitable for young women should not be worn by the blade thick broad jade bracelet but is light, flexible, jade bracelet, too, such as article flat jade bracelet or high-ranked imperial concubine bracelet.In addition, because the young women on the economy did not reach the point of elegant, so wear jade bracelet, too need not proud.Kind of water is not necessarily good, but not badly behaved, jade meat should be neat, clean, clean and pure;Jade bracelet color should be pure and fresh, quietly elegant, lively, full of youthful vitality, so only in accordance with the modern young women wear. Three, middle-aged and old women wear what kind of jade bracelet, too?
The temperament of the middle-aged and old women composed inside collect, style is sedate, conservative, traditional, so wear jade bracelet is sui generis.First of all, in shape, some jade bracelet sliver can be generous, solemn, in order to reflect the style of its steady and cautious.Second, the color of the jade bracelet color does not need to be glamorous, but should be more deep, give and range, the feeling of peace.However, if it is a very rich natural and graceful temperament of women, rich gorgeous color jade bracelet can be worn to reflect its high status.Moreover, middle-aged and old women generally wear jade bracelet, too kind of water do not need to reach the state of the excellent can reflect the characteristics of the deep grave, as long as some kind of water is a bit poor.

Wind Turbine

Different type jade bracelet will have different packaging box . for this bracelet ,it is a more fashion ,so the packaging will choice the simple fashion style to match it .

bracelet packaging box

Fourth, how to wear jade bracelet, too?
A lot of benefits to wear jade bracelet, wear jade bracelet, too not only is the common sense of life is also a science.Such as jade bracelet to wear which hand, can wear a few, etc.Wear jade bracelet, too for the first time people will inevitably have a little not used to, so wear jade bracelet, too diameter can neither too big nor too small, if the diameter is too large will affect not only beautiful and easy to fall off, is too small will affect the circulation of the blood pressure arm cause discomfort.In general, wearing jade bracelet on the number of rules are no strict rules, the number of rules is less commonly, in some occasions to a piece of jewelry also don’t have to wear, if interested in more jewellery at the same time, its upper limit should not be more than three, in addition to the jade bracelet and earrings.

The sketch of mobile phone packaging

Mobile phone, otherwise known as wireless telephones, commonly referred to as a mobile phone, was originally just a communication tool, commonly known as the early cellular phones there, a portable telephone terminal can be used in a wide range, it was first used by Bell Labs in the United States Battlefield 1940 mobile phone manufactured from development. In 1958, the Soviet Union Leonid engineer. Kupu Li Yang Norwich invented ЛК-1 type mobile phone in 1973, Motorola engineer Martin Cooper invented the world’s first commercial mobile phone. So far it has been developed to 4G era.

phone packaging

The most widely used worldwide mobile phone is a GSM phone and CDMA mobile phones. In the Chinese mainland and Taiwan to the most common GSM, CDMA and PHS (PHS) phone is also very popular, these are the so-called second-generation mobile phone (2G), they are all digital formats, in addition to voice communication, it also You can send and receive SMS (Short Message, SMS), MMS (technical) | MMS (multimedia messaging, MMS), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and so on. On the phone appearance generally should include at least one liquid crystal display and a set of keys (part of the touch screen mobile phone reduce the buttons). Some phones addition to the typical phone features, but also includes more features PDA, game consoles, MP3, camera, sound recording, camera, positioning, etc., there is a tendency to Pocket PC with phone features of development.

craft ideas for boxes

Through the survey we found that with the mobile phone industry from 2002 to 2008 the rapid development of mobile phone packaged in packaging printing market share has also made great growth. China, as the largest producer of mobile phones, mobile phone production from 2002 to 1.2 million in 2008 is expected to produce 600 million. In today’s global economic integration, mobile phone production, processing and from the industrial chain formed a solid economies of scale, China has become the main mobile phone production and supply of power. In the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and coastal cities, the formation of a relatively concentrated area of ​​mobile phone production base.

Mobile phone manufacturers claim is made in packaging proofing, production rapid response, the introduction of digital proofing and color management can effectively improve the response rate for mobile phone manufacturers to provide higher value-added services. Previously, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea is a center for paper packaging. This began to change two years, growth rate higher than the eastern Midwest. Now Henan, Zhejiang and Jiangsu equivalent. The fastest growth is in Shaanxi Province. These changes broke the coastal economic zone as the main industrial layout.

cost of packing boxes

With the rapid development of electronic technology, science and technology and people’s living standards improve, the mobile becomes essential to people’s lives and update cycle fast moving consumer goods. As a phone packaging industry, of course, we faced with upgrading and innovation along with the request. We all know that China is a huge consumer market, mobile phone, so mobile phone market in the range of packaging is also very optimistic. As a mobile phone manufacturers the, how to find a way consistent with their product packaging is very important. Do you have any craft ideas for boxes? Or for your mobile phone packaging? When we need to choose a packaging manufacturer, you should consider many things, including the design, suitability etc.Or the cost of packing boxes.

best place to get cardboard boxes

How can we find the best place to get cardboard boxes? We suggest you find a packaging company with a high reputation and high quality for the packaging.Maybe you need to pay more, but you must know, if you want to make your product have a better competitiveness, you have to change you product from inside to outside.That will make your product with a more higher level.And improve the competitiveness, attraction, and other things for your mobile phone.

Clothes custom in different country

As one of the national characteristics of ethnic identification on the basis of apparel, is the national common language.Ethnology theory, language commonality is one of the most important symbol of a nation, and ethnic identification should first consider the object to be cognisant community, namely thought or is considered to belong to the same nation whether people have a common language.And the language also has great stability and the stability of some kind of forced assimilation, so the language as a basis also has a certain authority and the scientific nature.

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On a single minority region, the formation of the national common region or not obviously, problem is much more simple, easy to judge.But in real life, often appear more live together, the question of whether national geographic formation is much more complex.Such as China’s ethnic minorities, it happened many times in history of migration flows, some national distribution is very extensive, and often cause areas staggered contacts to the size of the situation. Therefore, considering the common region for, not only to the position of the minority population, and to find out their communication with neighboring ethnic fusion and affect each other relations. As the national characteristics of ethnic identification on the basis of the third, is the national economic life together.Close ties to the common apparel economic life, is an important form of modern national power, in the national community, which is formed by the capitalist period of this factor relative is not development.In China, the problem relatively more complicated.Because the region between the imbalance of development, living in different parts of the same nationality, often in a different level of productivity and economic development level, and because of the commodity economy tend to develop highly, many national produced depends on the han nationality and other ACTS as a contact can be exchanged among other peoples.Of course, for living in the same region of the same nationality, its production level and the level of economic life in general still is unified.

apparel packaging box

Nowadays , Clothing is a growing worldwide synchronization. people will wear on the special festival with ethnic style of clothes. Most of these clothing is custom, Is very delicate, but also more expensive. With high-grade packaging box, most people would like it .
As the national characteristic of ethnic identification on the basis of four, is the national performance in common culture on the common psychological quality.This feature, its connotation is rich, is characterized by common material life style, and performance for the spirit of the common way of life, namely, common customs, daily life diet, festival festival, beliefs, offering the, marriage and family, literary, and artistic characteristics, etc.Of these, the most core is the common national psychology quality, namely in the material and spiritual culture life, feel you belong to a community of people “own” this kind of psychology is often at the same time.And, of course, we should not only notice the individual “characteristics”, the “characteristics” of the individual as a common psychological quality representatives to determine community of people with common characteristics are the same people.In short, in the aspect of forming and maintaining national community of the people, “common psychological quality performance on common culture” this characteristic is more important than other characteristics.


In the practice of the Chinese national identification work, investigation of the once played a large role.There were about five million five hundred thousand people, China’s yi distribution in yunnan, sichuan, guizhou and guangxi provinces, population is concentrated areas are liangshan yi autonomous prefecture, sichuan province, chuxiong yi autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, yunnan honghe hani and yi autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, ninglang, asan, jiang, small liangshan, WeiShan, lunan, NaJian, xinping, ching, kengtung, luquan county, with branches, more than, living scattered, with all kinds of claim to be and he said, whether a nation, or a number of different ethnic groups, there is no uniform understanding for a long time.After scientific identification, finally unified called yi.In addition to the basis of a variety of general, costumes have in common is ultimately to one of the basis of knowledge, such as men’s head like hero knot, hair have “Buddha’s lock”, or wool carpet, etc.

packaging box for clothes

Chinese tea culture

Someone says: tea drink is not water, but the taste, in the long run, even the taste of the drink is tea, but the taste of your heart and life.Life is accounted for most of the time, but silence, tea, but there’s always a taste.

In different time, different season or 1 corresponds to different tea, like cold or warm in life.
As is known to all, tea is good for health, especially insist for a long time to drink tea.And tea to health is the key to good grasp of the different seasons have different tea a day between different tea, coupled with his own body physique different tea.


So how to master the three cups of tea every day
Below for generic version, for normal common constitution, the weather is mild cases of tea.Special weather and different constitution, should according to their physical and different seasons do accordingly.
Morning tea, hydrating ventilation!
Drinking tea in the morning, after a whole night’s rest, the body consumes large amounts of water, the concentration of blood, drink a cup of weak tea not only can quickly replenish your body needs water, cleaning intestines and stomach, still can lower blood pressure, dilute the blood, health benefits, for constipation can also have the effect of prevention and treatment.Note, however, that morning when must not drink strong tea, tea is lighter than daily drink tea.

special tea packaging

Because in the morning to drink better black tea, black tea, black tea, black tea can promote blood circulation, but also can remove the body of cold, let the brain blood supply is sufficient.Every day after breakfast after drinking a cup of black tea, black tea, also can add milk to drink together.It is important to note that after the tea must eat breakfast in the morning to drink, because contain caffeine in tea, drink on an empty stomach intestines and stomach will absorb too much caffeine, cause human body occurrence palpitate, urinary frequency and uncomfortable symptoms.
Afternoon tea, refreshing spent
Around 3:00 in the afternoon tea, a cup of tea at this time, can have the effect of nursing to the human body, can improve the body’s resistance and prevent colds, tea is one of the most important meal of the day, commonly known as afternoon tea, for some of the “three high” crowd, if you insist on drink afternoon tea, can play the drugs can achieve the effect.

round tea box

The afternoon last drink oolong tea or green tea, usually the body in noon something strong, drinking green tea or oolong tea can alleviate the symptoms.Oolong tea tieguanyin dry cool, for example, into the liver meridian, can clear liver heat, resolve the liver of toxins, and contain rich vitamin E in tea, have the effect of anti-aging.
Green tea is the kidney meridian, favorable water turbidity, micturition more unobstructed.Tea polyphenols in green tea is also the most abundant, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect is obvious.
Drinking tea at night, sleeping and restore immune
A cup of tea in the evening, most people have a misunderstanding on evening tea, be afraid influence sleep, in fact, as long as the science of tea, not only will not affect sleep, but also can sleep peacefully.This time is the most active time, the body’s immune system if you can make tea to drink a high tea, can help the rest as soon as possible, sedative, the body is easy to repair and restore the immune system, reproductive cells, etc.Advice to drink some black tea.

luxury tea package

How to drink tea is a knowledge , meanwhile the packaging of the tea is also a important part . in china , many people will send good tea as a gift on festival days or visit client . so a luxury tea packaging is necessary . normally these packaging will made by paper cardboard , tin material or wooden material .

But nowdays , paper material box is becoming more and more popular ,because it is more economical.


Mini USB with packaging

Universal Serial Bus (English: Universal Serial Bus, abbreviation: USB) is to connect the computer system and peripheral equipment of a Serial Bus standard, is also a kind of input/output interface specification, is widely used in personal computers and mobile devices, such as information and communication products, and expand to photographic equipment, digital TV (STB), game consoles and other related fields.The latest generation is USB 3.1, the transmission speed of 10 gbit/s, higher voltage 5 v / 12 v / 20 v, maximum power 100 w, the new Type C Type points and no longer.


USB is an external bus standard for specification computer connections and communications with external devices.USB plug and play and hot plug function.USB interface can connect 127 types of peripherals, such as a mouse and keyboard, etc.USB is at the end of 1994 by Intel and other companies jointly launched in 1996, has been successfully replace serial and parallel ports, has become today’s computer and a lot of smart devices will match interface.USB version has experienced years of development, now has developed into version 3.0.[2] for most engineers, development of USB2.0 interface products main obstacle lies in: to face the complex USB protocol, write your own USB device driver, familiar with MCU programming.This not only requires considerable VC programming experience, can also write USB hardware (firmware) program.So most people give up their development of USB products.To the complex problem simplification, xi ‘an datai electronic special USB2.0 protocol conversion module is designed.USB20D module can be seen as a USB2.0 protocol converter, convert computer usb interface to a transparent parallel bus, just like microcontroller bus.To within a few days can complete the usb products design.


USB device mainly has the following advantages:
1. Can be hot plug.Is a user in the use of an external device, don’t need to turn it off again on such action, but in computer work, directly to the USB plug in use.
2. Easy to carry.USB device with “small, light, thin” mostly, for users, carry a large amount of data, is very convenient.Of course the USB hard drive is the primary choice.
3. The unified standard.Everyone’s common IDE hard disk, mouse and keyboard of the serial port, parallel printers, scanners, but after a USB, all these application peripherals connected to the PC can use the same standards, then there will be a USB hard drive, USB mouse, USB printer etc.
4. Can connect to multiple devices.On personal computers often have multiple USB interface, can be connected to several devices at the same time, if there are four USB ports connected to a HUB, can again connected;Four USB devices, and so on, can even go down, will your equipment at the same time, even on a personal computer and there is no problem (note: the highest can be connected to 127 devices).

lovely USB packaging box

With the passage of time, all kinds of USB to appear on the market. Some cartoon style, fashionable style. By the vast number of consumers love .  As is known to all , USB is very small ,and easy lose and get damaged , so USB box appeared on the market, these packaging can make the USB more safety , but also durable.  Do you have package box for your USB ?

custom usb packaging